My experience as a "debug"

Pilot Cohort

As we wrap up our dev/Mission Summer Pilot Program, I personally feel I’ve grown so much. I put my commitment capacity to the test and my ability to challenge myself as well. I feel that the support I’ve received from this program has made a big difference! Though I faced challenges in the middle of the program, I never felt that I did not belong here, I felt the contrary. Along with the Executive Director; his amazing team (instructors; volunteers and staff), who supported our class time, provided great curriculum and guided us through our projects.

I think the structure that the current cohorts have in place is great. However, I do feel that we went through some of the material really fast, but I also realized it’s an intensive curriculum. But, whenever a question would arise they were there to clarify, and if we had a project to share with them and ask for their support, they were also available. Making up times were great and also our open lab hours were very helpful as we were working with other engineers to help us catch up.

I think a great way to keep folks engaged in the program is with providing real life experiences and people who are in the industry already but might have started the same as we did. (Leo’s guest speakers, hearing their success and personal experiences were amazing) I also think assigning more homework and research assignments would be good. We had enough but I think we need more!

I think the location/venue (360 Valencia Street) where class and lab hours were held was clean and had a variety of different restaurants :)! But most importantly I felt the sense of community. I enjoyed walking in sometimes during the senior lessons and getting familiar with some residents of the community, I felt so proud of them for taking advantage of the opportunities being offered by dev/Mission. I was close to bart and the freeway, which was very convenient, too.

Overall this experience with Dev/Mission and the “debugs” has been very rewarding and I am excited for our graduation. I believe my colleagues did really well with their teaching, and the curriculum chosen to study. The competencies we learned were also very informative and for sure something I have never learned before. The hands on activities and the team building lessons were exciting as well. I felt safe in the environment I was in and looked forward to class every day. And the times I was unable to make it I received all the support needed to ensure I was back on track. I always managed to catch up with my work because I was gracefully guided to reach my goals successfully!

The skills I learned during the program consisted of hardware and software. But in addition, I was exposed to many different personalities and resources. I am excited to have gained new relationships that will one day lead to partnerships. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from all my colleagues and we have been able to share our knowledge with each other as well. This has been one of my biggest “take-aways” from working with others in the program, it’s not about what you know, its about the knowledge you are willing to share with the rest of the world around you!

I’d like to thank dev/Mission and Mission Housing Development Corporation for providing us with a safe and supporting place to expand ourselves to our new journey in the tech industry and for supporting our path to success.

-“dev/Mission is creating the next generation of tech talent”

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