Leslie Canjura One Year Later!


Name, hometown:

Leslie Canjura

San Francisco to Richmond Ca.

What were you doing before joining Dev Mission?

I was taking a break from work and thinking about what kind of career I wanted to pursue.

How long have you been at Dev Mission participant/alumni/volunteer?

I was a participant for 3 months, currently alumni and also a contractor as a program coordinator with the organization.

Describe your typical routine at Dev Mission and why it’s important in your life?

Dev Mission has allowed me to expand and apply the skills I essentially had and also put to use the new skills I’ve learned. I believe the program has supported my professional and personal needs, I have tested my capacity to learn new skills, and apply them to my life. I also have

What personal goals have Dev Mission helped you accomplish (or are you pursuing)?

I have learned basic IT skills such as hardware and software skills. I have also decided to pursue my career as a businesswoman with a background in technology.

How has Dev Mission staff supported you?

Supplying a contract job, professional and personal growth.

What three words would you use to describe Dev Mission if you were trying to convince a friend to get involved?

1- Empowering

2- Up to date

3- Diligent

Has Dev Mission positively impacted you/your family? If so, how? Yes, it has impacted, how?

Dev Mission began by supporting myself; when I met Leo I wasn’t sure what would happen next, but I was nervously excited! I had left my job and I was destined to find a new path in life. After our second conversation, we both had something in common, elevating the youth to better opportunities. At this point, I am supporting the organization as the program coordinator and I intend on moving up with the organization. I have also been able to reference family members to the program so they too can learn new skills and apply them. Finally, being a single mother has been a long journey with hopes of success in the near future, luckily I am able to share those moments of greatness like the Inaugural graduation and a newly titled position with my daughter.

How has Dev Mission helped you to pursue post-secondary or employment pathways?

I am hoping to receive my CompTIA certification 2018 and continue to learn Python and other coding languages.

What do you think makes Dev Mission different from other organizations?

The hustle to get the youth were we really want to be and the extensive support from the entire organization.


Leslie Canjura is a lifelong learner who focuses on supporting the youth in discovering opportunities that can enhance their lifestyles and furthermore have a positive impact on their communities. Currently attending BCC in Berkeley, Ca. and hopes to be transferring in a couple of semesters to SF State pursuing a major in business and technology. After graduating the Dev Mission program in SF, Ca. that consisted of 144 hours of intensive curriculum for hardware, software and critical career skills, she joined the Dev Mission nonprofit as the Program Coordinator.

I plan to lead with purpose and charisma; I hope to inspire, support and empower urban communities; primarily to focus on furthering their education and enhancing their career skills. After graduating from the Dev Mission program I am eager to expand and share my knowledge to impact today’s generation and generations to come.

I’m Strategically planning and networking in hopes of aligning the youth to become future fruitful leaders and innovators. During my past experiences, working in the nonprofit sector’s, I was able to engage with the youth and I discovered my passion for education and seeing students personal growth to learn new skills that can be applied to the real world. While my bigger projects at the time are developing an academic intervention application, I am using all my past and newly learned skills to ensure I know all I can know so I can one day have a nonprofit of my own.

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