dev/Mission Volunteer Story Martin Encinas Leon

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Name, Hometown:

Martin Encinas Leon

San Francisco’s Mission District

What were you doing before joining Dev Mission as a volunteer?

Working on building my real estate business, coaching 5th grade soccer at Cathedral School for Boys, networking with the Latino Community Foundation and SF Men’s Giving Circle, sitting on the board for The Smart Program, working on my music-tech project called Tracked Out.

How long have you been a Dev Mission volunteer?

Since February 2018

Describe your typical volunteer routine at Dev Mission and why it’s important in your life?

Typical routine: Arrive and check in/greet the students and volunteers, lecture with Leo, and, my favorite part, second half of class is typically a hands on activity where I get to connect and work directly with the cohort.

This is important in my life for many reasons but first, I really believe in the vision and goal Leo and Dev Mission is trying to accomplish of literally creating the next generation of tech talent. I think this is crucial because we are helping our cohort and community enter an industry– the Tech Industry, where I still feel our community is not fully represented, even though this industry is in our front and backyard. Second, I get to connect with our youth (even though I’m not much older) and our next tech leaders. I love sharing my background and being supportive, and letting them know that if I can “make it” they for sure can too because they are already ahead of the curve and invested in themselves. They just need a little bit of guidance and motivation and the potential can be huge. And third, I enjoy giving back to my community. I grew up in the Mission, and I feel it is my duty to be here to support.

How has Dev Mission staff supported you?

The staff is great– very friendly and supportive.

What three words would you use to describe Dev Mission if you were trying to convince a friend/peer to get involved as a volunteer?

1- Fresh

2- Innovative

3- Inspiring

Has Dev Mission positively impacted? If so, how? Yes, it has impacted, how?

Yes, Yes, by allowing me to mentor untapped young adults to learn the ins and outs about the tech industry. I feel great every time I inspire others to become entrepreneurs like myself.

What do you think makes Dev Mission different from other organizations?

I think what makes DevMission unique is the fact that it gets the students to interact with other tech professionals both for hardware and software skills. This program requires a lot of time and dedication, so I also think it is instilling great work-skills that can be applied to any industry.

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