Internship Story Graduate Michelle Yeung


Name, hometown: Michelle Yeung San Francisco, California

What were you doing before joining Dev Mission? I was taking a break from school and exploring different career paths that I was interested in.

How long have you been a Dev Mission participant/alumni/volunteer? I was a participant in the Spring 2018 cohort for 3 months, current alumni and community technology associate at Dev Mission.

Describe your typical routine at Dev Mission and why it’s important in your life? While attending the program, I was able to gain valuable knowledge about technical skills such as coding and hardware. We also worked on our professional development skills every week, which was very useful to me. This was important to me because I was able to experiment with different roles in the tech industry and learn which specific field I wanted to pursue.

What personal goals has Dev Mission helped you accomplish (or are you pursuing)?
Dev Mission has helped me step out of my comfort zone by introducing me to new people and different curriculum that I haven’t been exposed to previously. They have taught me how to network at social events by building up confidence to introduce myself to others, this was one of my biggest struggles going into the program.

How has Dev Mission staff supported you? Dev Mission staff has helped me in countless of ways, but the most useful tool for me was being able to build my resume, I received tremendous support from both staff and volunteers to improve it. They also exposed me to different opportunities I would never have known were available such as credit workshops, the gig economy, and much more.

What three words would you use to describe Dev Mission if you were trying to convince a friend to get involved?

1- Passionate 2- Community 3- Encouraging

Has Dev Mission positively impacted you/your family? If so, how? Yes, it has impacted, how? Before I attended Dev Mission, I had no idea about what path I wanted to take in my career. I wasn’t 100% sure that I wanted a career in tech, but as soon as I stepped through that door, it felt like the tech industry was where I belonged. I finally felt like I had a clear direction of where I wanted to go, and attending the program just helped me explore more of that journey.

How Dev Mission has helped you to pursue post-secondary or employment pathways? When I was attending the program, I was informed there was an IT internship available for Dev Mission graduates. This immediately caught my attention and I felt dedicated to land the position. So for the entire program, I showed up to display how passionate and excited I was to earn the internship. The moment I noticed the internship were taking applications, I quickly submitted my resume, soon after, I was able to get an interview. This was such a nerve-racking but empowering moment in my career. At the end of the program during our graduation, it was time to announce who was given the position. When I heard my name being called over the speakers, I remembered feeling so proud that my hard work had finally paid off, it felt like my career was officially lifting off.

What do you think makes Dev Mission different from other organizations? What makes Dev Mission unique from other organizations is that they really care about their students, staff, and volunteers. As a student, I have firsthand experience with how passionate they are about our success even after we finished the program. Leo always encourages graduates to come back if they still want to be engaged or if they need support.

Dev Mission aims to train untapped young adults ages 16-24 for careers in tech; so we can build wealth and prosperity in our underserved communities. more info @

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