Dev Mission graduates firts class in Yakima

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Dev Mission graduates first class in Yakima!

This past summer (2018), dev/Mission launched their first out-of-state pilot program in Yakima, Washington on June 25th, at the Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) and Youthbuild of Yakima. OIC is a non-profit organization that serves diverse underserved families through multiple assistance programs. Youthbuild of Yakima provides education and construction employment training program for youth and young adults ages 16-24. Provides hands-on training to start a career in construction along with the opportunity to attain a GED, other certification/credential, opportunity to build a house, and develop leadership skills.

Jasmine James, the Program Coordinator, Antonio Valencia, the Outreach Specialist, and Alberto Castaneda, the Administrator, have been working alongside Leo Sosa, the founder and Chief Executive Officer, to establish the Yakima Valley Chapter. The dev/Mission team aimed to enroll as many students as possible.

During their recruitment process, dev/Mission targeted students enrolled in high school, college, and YouthBuild, while also recruiting youth out of school.

10 young adults ages 16-24 enrolled in the six week summer intensive that ran from Monday - Friday from 1pm - 5pm from June 25th - August 6th, 2018. During the 6 week summer intensive all young adults were exposed to IT Essentials, Intro to Programming (html, css and javascript) and Critical Career Skills. All 10 students were low income and here is a breakdown demographic:

2 African American 6 Hispanic 2 White

One of our students earned his High School Diploma while being in the program. 50% of the young adults enrolled in this program came from Youthbuild Yakima.

The Program ended with a great graduation where we had representatives from OIC of Washington, Youthbuild Yakima, families and KIMA TV was on hand to interview our ED Leo Sosa, Graduate Wyatt Thomas and Program Coordinator Jasmine James.

5 Students graduated from the program and just like KIMA TV said: The school year hasn’t even started yet in the valley, but students are already graduating here in Yakima.

Any information about our Yakima Pilot Chapter program or how to launch your own please email Leo Sosa:

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