Ivan Hurtado Joins our Organization

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Name, hometown:

Ivan Hurtado Jr, born in Managua, Nicaragua but raised in San Francisco.

Where do you live?

San Francisco

Have you been exposed to STEM opportunities before?

Growing up in SF I was not exposed to many STEM opportunities. In fact, I graduated high school not knowing how to even turn on a computer. After bouncing around community colleges for two years, the elementary school where my sister was attending donated a computer to some of the low income families that did not have one. This was my first exposure to a computer. I couldn’t believe I had one in my house. So I took an Intro to Computer class at Skyline College so I could use the computer we now had at home. The teacher was a network administrator at her day job. The way she taught the class and the enthusiasm she had about her job helped me to decide to give computers a try. After completing the class, I enrolled at Heald College School of Technology and majored in Computer Technology. The rest as they say is history…..

How did you hear about Dev Mission?

I know the CEO/Executive Director. We’ve worked together at various organizations for the last 10 years.

What were you doing before joining Dev Mission?

Chilling in a farm in Nicaragua. Before that I was working at Five Keys Schools and Programs teaching digital literacy classes.

How long have you been a Dev Mission?

Technically, for 2 months but I feel like I have been a dev/Mission since the beginning.

Describe your typical routine at Dev Mission and why it’s important in your life?

For the last two months most of my time has involved looking over all the decks, worksheets, videos and other materials that were part of the curriculum. Once I have become familiar with a certain topic I start documenting and creating a structured lesson plan. My goal is to create a lesson plan with enough structure so that any instructor can go through it and be ready to facilitate the lesson but general enough for the instructor to add their personal touch. I also try to make the lesson plan as interesting and interactive as possible, using various teaching tools, such as videos, decks, reading material, group projects, class discussions and lectures. The day I will facilitate a specific lesson plan I always go over the entire lesson plan again and mentally visualize how I plan to implement it. This is important for me because I remember sitting through classes that I was really looking forward to but the way the material was presented bored me to sleep and I ended up feeling like I didn’t get anything out of the class and it was a complete waste of time. So now that I am on the other side of the classroom I want to make sure that not only am I providing useful, essential knowledge, but that I am presenting it in a way that all my students can enjoy, keeping in mind all students have a preferred way to learn new things. My biggest satisfaction is when a student comes up to me after class and tells me they enjoyed the class or that they learned something new and are excited about it.

What personal goals has Dev Mission helped you accomplish (or are you pursuing)?

I find that I am really enjoying developing curriculum for dev/Mission. I had created curriculum in the past for other organizations, but while pursuing my teacher’s credentials I was able to learn new techniques and tools to create curriculum. I also learned of websites that teachers use to develop and share curriculum. Now that I am using all these new tools I believe I am growing in this aspect of my job and am creating better lesson plans.

How do you support the young adults enrolled in our program?

I facilitate most of the lesson plans and help the youth gain hardware and software skills, networking skills, and career and workforce soft skills. I also coordinate and lead classes when community organizations and partners facilitate workshops for the students. I also keep the students up to date with corporate site visits, upcoming events they can attend and general announcements.

What three words would you use to describe Dev Mission if you were trying to convince a friend to get involved?

1 - community 2 - relationships 3 - trust

Has Dev Mission positively impacted you/your family? If so, how? Yes, it has impacted, how?

After attending the first annual Youth Benefit my wife was able to have a better visual as to the type of impact dev/Mission is having in the community, and especially with the youth in the current cohort and alumni. Now she is a strong advocate of dev/Mission and promotes the organization whenever she can.

What do you think makes Dev Mission different from other organizations?

dev/Mission is truly invested in the well being and success of their clients - the youth that they serve. From the CEO/Executive Director down to the CTA’s, everyone is willing to go out of their way to help any youth with even the smallest of issues. In a way I feel like the youth run the show and dev/Mission staff is simply supporting them in their journey to success. They are the talent and the dev/Mission staff are the managers, agents and handlers that support them and makes things happen so they can shine.

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