ABC 7 Corporate Site Visit

abc 7 site visit

Leonardo Sosa, Executive Director
(415) 572.3947


Jun 17th, 2019

Our 2019 Summer Cohort was invited for a corporate site visit to ABC
Channel 7 News in San Francisco, CA on Friday, July 12th 2019. ABC
targets young adults ages 19 to 24 and try to reach the audience that
watches videos on their phones. Lilian Peña welcomed our Cohort with a
big smile and showed us around the studio.

During the corporate site visit, we were lucky to have a Q&A session
where the students asked what task the employees do and what their day
is like to ABC employees. After, our Cohort met two extraordinary
people. We met Malinalli and Eric. When Malinall was in college, all
her professors told her it would be impossible for her to land a career
in film, but she never gave up. She launched her own business in 2015 and
ended up in majoring and getting a masters in film. Then, Erik mentioned
he was an IT manager. Before he was an IT manager, he was doing sales.
He never thought he would end up where he is today. Erik is responsible
for anything that has electronic that runs through it. Eric also asked
our Cohrt what kind of career they want to pursue in the tech industry.

ABC 7 showed our Cohort their control center, satellites and an automated
camera. We were amazed about how all the technology works and the students
learned how to use the new technology. Our students learned plenty from
this lively experience. We would like to thank ABC Channel 7 News for
believing in how we are creating the next generation of tech talent.

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