Our Program

We are a best new practice, technology training program that teaches untapped young adults ages 16-24, technology skills in in hardware, coding and critical career skills.

Spring 2019 Enrollment is Open

Monday February 11th
Mon - Thu from 3-7pm 360 Valencia Gardens, San Francisco, CA


Are you interested in tech? Do you enjoy coding, but don't know where to start? Well, there is a huge gap connecting young adults to tech opportunities in San Francisco, Bay Area and Beyond; and only 16% of high school seniors want to pursue STEM careers. To fix the gap between diversity in tech, untapped young adults need to be exposed to IT fields, need to be inspired by adults to whom they can relate, educated in both Technical and Soft Skills, and Empowering them to land a career in Tech. <dev/Mission> will close that gap by connecting tech companies; their employees and participants to corporate site visits, a mentorship model and internship/apprenticeship opportunities. Do you want to change your life? Do you want to start a career in the Tech Industry?

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CEO of <dev/Mission>

Using a combination of structured lessons, experiential learning, and on-the-job training, the program will prepare untapped young adults to choose their tech career path; either through postsecondary or employment pathways.

Leonardo Sosa CEO of <dev/Mission>


Our Commitment :
We are committed to ensure that untapped young adults ages 16-24 enrolled in our program will receive the necessary support to pursue tech opportunities. We will provide the necessary hardware, coding and critical skills “networking” for young adults from underserved communities to prepare themselves to pursue careers/jobs that are available. We will connect participants to apprenticeships, internships, job shadowing opportunities, mentors and scholarships (crowdfunding) to pursue careers in tech. Each participant in the Dev Mission program will be paired with a tech mentor who will work with him/her for 6 months meeting once per month to identify career advancement opportunities and personal advice how to pursue a career in the tech industry.


<dev/Mission> focuses on developing our participants’ ability to use digital technology and communications tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, create and communicate information in order to function successfully in a 21st century information technology and economy.

By learning and involving themselves in hands on; special projects supporting local cbo’s in their respective communities, taking field trips to high tech companies and hearing from emerging leaders, young adults ages 16-24 are able to hone technical competencies and grasp lifelong principles that inspire educational advancement and workforce job readiness preparation.

The curriculum is comprised of three main competencies:

Intro to A+ PC Technician Certification

We will primarily focus on teaching young adults ages 16-24 hardware skills to prepare them to pursue careers as Entry Level IT specialist, tech support, support technician and help them prepare for the A+ PC Technician Certification.
Our curriculum will focus on :

  • Combination of lecture (40%) and hands on (60%)
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance of multiple hardware devices.
  • Computer refurbishing
  • Tech Support (Service Learning) for the community

Intro to Programming

We will primarily focus on teaching young adults foundation and fundamentals HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding skills to prepare them to pursue careers as jr software engineers, jr programmers, jr front/back end web development and app developers.
Our curriculum will focus on:

  • Combination of hands on, online tools and troubleshooting
  • Whiteboard lessons and researching solutions
  • Complex coding problems
  • Meet up with engineers/volunteers

Critical Career Skills

This competency is one of most exciting as most of the tech companies have requested for <dev/Mission> to provide the necessary “soft skills”. With this curriculum our young adults will prepare for careers/jobs with a full blown curriculum focusing on the following Lessons:

  • Networking Principles and Business Communication
  • Team building projects and Professionalism
  • Interview skills and Online Applications
  • Get ready for entry level jobs in IT

Our Year In Review

<dev/Mission> Programs in San Francisco have accomplished the following:

  • 100 Young Adults applied to four cohorts.
  • 90 Young Adults made it to the program orientations.
  • 88 Young adults enrolled in the program.
  • 68 Young Adults have graduated from the programs (78%).
  • 50% of the program graduates are women.
  • 29 graduates working in tech jobs through fellowships, internships, apprenticeships, part-time and full-time employment.