We aim to train untapped young adults ages 16-24 for careers in technology; so we can build wealth and prosperity in our local diverse communities.

What Is <dev/Mission>

<dev/Mission> was founded in early 2017 by Leonardo Sosa and a team of technologists that care about STEM opportunities for diverse young adults.

Our goal is to connect the most overlooked population in San Francisco, Bay Area and beyond; and expose them to careers in the tech industry.


There is a huge gap connecting young adults to tech opportunities in San Francisco, Bay Area and Beyond. To fix the gap between diversity in tech, diverse young adults need to be exposed & inspired by adults to whom they can relate.

<dev/Mission> will close that gap by connecting tech companies; their employees and participants to corporate site visits, a mentorship model and internship/apprenticeship opportunities.

We are a new best practice, technology training program that teaches untapped young adults ages 16-24, technology skills in ICT (hardware, software, networking), IoT, coding and critical career skills.

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